Tedx Great Pacific Garbage Patch Watch the live stream

the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is called the world’s largest landfill. It is estimated anywhere between the size of Texas and the entire U.S., 90 percent of it plastic—swimming in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s not only massive, it is also disrupts the entire food chain. The smallest forms of marine life end up eating tiny plastic particles that break off from the giant mass which ends up going  up the food chain.

This is not only harmful to our oceans it is harmful to us. We end up eating plastic and toxins; plastic and toxins we have dumped in the ocean. It is our fault this massive landfill is floating in the water so it is up to us to get rid of it.

Watch the live streaming TED talk Saturday, November 6th to learn what we can do to eliminate the patch and how to prevent another. The TED talks are being hosted by some really great environmentalists, from scientist toeverday people who have worked hard to eliminate the need for plastic. I am excited that the woman I look up to when it comes to living plastic free will be a part of this. Beth Terry took it upon herself to live plastic free a few years ago. She had to completely change many things in her life, and though I cannot do everything she does, I do admire her for what she has achieved. For more information on Beth and learn about her life without plastic visit her blog Fake Plastic Fish.

Click here for the video. TedxGreat Pacific Garbage Patch


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